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Becoming a NCCP Certified Coach


The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) is here to help you be the best coach that you can be. When you take an NCCP clinic, you'll gain basketball technical abilities as well as leadership and decision-making skills. NCCP training will open doors to new opportunities in coaching and in life.

Where do you start? It's easy! Click here and you're only three clicks away from your future as an NCCP coach!

Process of Becoming a NCCP Certified Coach

1. Look at the Coaching Pathway and determine the appropriate stream for you based on the stage of athlete and level of competition you wish to coach.

2. Once you have determined the course you require, look for the next available clinic in your region (click here for clinic dates:  FUNdamentals, Learn to Train, Train to Train, Train to Compete).

3. Register and pay for the clinic online. 

4. Complete all of the required pre-course work and attend the clinic.

5. Upon completion of the course you will be “Trained.”  

6. To become fully “Certified” you will be required to complete all necessary tasks (i.e., Coaches Portfolio) and evaluation (e.g., practice and/or game evaluation).

7. Please contact Michael Selliah to arrange your evaluation.

8. An evaluator in your region will contact you to set-up your evaluation date and time.  

9. Upon successful completion of your evaluation the evaluator will submit appropriate documentation to Ontario Basketball indicating that you are now “Certified.”  Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for your new status to be reflected on your NCCP transcript.

10. Various professional development opportunities will be available through Ontario Basketball, Canada Basketball, and the Coaches Association of Ontario and will be required to maintain certification (more information will be made available).  

If you have any questions please contact Michael Selliah, Coordinator of Coaching Development.


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