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Become a Member

Ontario Basketball programs and services are available to members only. 

Membership Benefits
Membership benefits include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Priority registration in Ontario Basketball programs
  2. Participation in Ontario Basketball sanctioned events
  3. Voting privileges at membership meetings
  4. Subscription to monthly electronic newsletter
  5. Access to Ontario Basketball fundraising events
  6. Discounts on OBA merchandise and resources
  7. Technical and Administrative Services
  8. Membership in Canada Basketball

Membership Categories
There are five classes of membership, with different fee structures.

Active Members - coaches, officials, athletes, administrators and basketball boosters who (i) are over 18 years of age, and (ii) have demonstrated an interest in the development and promotion of amateur basketball in Ontario.

Participant Members - team players, or athletes registered or participating in events sanctioned by the association.

Affiliate Members - teams, member clubs, associations, leagues, advisory groups, consultative or educational organizations concerned or involved with the delivery of basketball programs in Ontario whose main objective is not commercial gain.

Corporate Members - corporations, organizations and associations involved in the delivery of basketball programs and services in Ontario whose main objective is commercial gain.

Honourary Members - those individuals or entities who or which have made an outstanding contribution to basketball in Ontario.

Membership Fees (as of August 1, 2015)
Active Members - $45.00
Rep Players - $30.00
House league players - $2.50
Adult league players - $5.00

For the individual membership application form click here.

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