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NCCP Evaluations

Learn to Train/Train to Train

 After attending the in-class portion of the Learn to Train and Train to Train levels of certification, coaches will attain "Trained" status.  In order to become fully "Certified" coaches must demonstrate their competency by completing an on-court evaluation, as well as demonstrating their understanding of the Long Term Athlete Development Model, Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L) principles, and the National Coaching Certification Program by completing their coaches portfolio.  To receive a portfolio, please contact Michael Selliah.

For the Learn to Train on-court evaluation coaches will be asked to teach shooting and pivoting while progressively loading the drills they are using.

For the Train to Train on-court evaluation coaches will be asked to teach the conceptual offense (pass, cut, fill/replace) along with basic penetration principles.

Making Ethical Decisions

To complete your online Making Ethical Decisions evaluation, please log in to your NCCP account at

Once logged in, you can access the exam by clicking on the "eLearning" tab.  You will need to complete the Competition - Introduction exam.

Scheduling Evaluations

Once you have completed your portfolio and Making Ethical Decisions online evaluation, you will be ready to schedule your on-court evaluation.  To do so, please contact Michael Selliah.  Please include the following details:


-Where you took the course

-When you took the course

-Who your Learning Facilitator was

-Your practice schedule including location(s) and time(s)

DVD Evaluations

Coaches in regions where it will be difficult to have an evaluator attend a practice will be asked to send in a DVD of their practice along with their coaches portfolio.  An evaluator will connect with you before and after to provide direction as well as feedback.

Evaluation Clinic

There will be an evaluation clinic at York University on March 4th, 2017, for any coaches that need to complete their Learn to Train/Train to Train evaluations. Please contact Coach Tom Oliveri via e-mail: or telephone: 416-951-5992 to secure your spot!


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