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FUNdamentals and Fundamental Movement Skills

Ontario Basketball is pleased to offer community coach training to Ontario Basketball clubs and community partners!


Basketball FUNdamentals (Full course)

The FUNdamentals program has been developed by Canada Basketball, in conjunction with the Coaching Association of Canada, to deliver an extensive coach education program for the volunteer coach. It provides the mom/dad or entry level coach with the necessary skills, knowledge and materials to deliver a safe, fun and age/stage-appropriate basketball experience for children from six to nine years old.

In this delivery model, participants attend the full six-hour FUNdamentals course. This features both the three-hour on-court drills and skills session, which teaches coaches how to properly develop basketball fundamentals, as well as the three-hour in-class session, to assist in practice planning, ethical coaching, and how to guide a team through a season.

Note: Participants taking the FUNdamentals course must read and print the Pre-Task worksheets prior to attending the course.

To arrange a Basketball FUNdamentals clinic, please contact Bess Lennox, Manager of Community Development.


Fundamental Movement Skills (Full course)

Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) are critical in the physical development of a child.  As a child becomes confident and proficient in these skills, they will be able to develop more advanced and sport-specific skills, therefore allowing them to participate in physical activity and enjoy sport.  Furthermore, being physically literate will provide children with the opportunity to be active for life.

All coaches should have the ability to identify, observe, and instruct the fundamental movement skills to ensure that their athletes will be able to continuously develop.  Community coaches, especially those who are coaching athletes aged 6-9, should dedicate some time within their training sessions to develop all of the fundamental movement skills as these are the optimal ages for the development of these skills.

This workshop is 8 hours in length and provides an in-depth, comprehensive introduction to the Fundamental Movement Skills, the NCCP core-competencies, and includes a significant number of hands-on activities.


Fundamental Movement Skills clinic dates are listed on the Coaches Association of Ontario course calendar.

To arrange a Fundamental Movement Skills clinic, please contact Bess Lennox, Manager of Community Development. 



HIGH FIVE is Canada’s quality standard for children’s recreation and sport. HIGH FIVE ensures that children are safe, happy and getting the most out of recreation and sport through its five principles of healthy childhood development: 1) A caring adult; 2) The opportunity to make friends; 3) The opportunity to play; 4) The opportunity to master skills; 5) The opportunity to participate. Ontario Basketball is a HIGH FIVE Umbrella Organization.

HIGH FIVE offers a variety of training opportunities for organizations, programmers and coaches, providing the tools sport and recreation organizations can use to build personal expertise and increase the quality of their programs.

To arrange HIGH FIVE Training for your organization, please contact HIGH FIVE Ontario ( or click on the image below to visit their website for more information.

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