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Provincial Competitions


Each year Ontario Basketball organizes and stages the Ontario Cup Provincial Championships, which are open to all member clubs.  Teams entered into the Ontario Cup are made up of community "rep" and club team programs.  Ontario Basketball offers a competitive playing environment for every community by hosting competitions in various divisions, with division one being the highest level of competition.  Each level is offered to males and females athletes in nine age categories.  The age categories for the Ontario Cup are as follows for 2012:

  • Novice U10 (Under 10, Born in 2002 or younger)
  • Atom U11 (Under 11, Born in 2001 or younger)
  • Major Atom U12 (Under 12, Born in 2000 or younger)
  • Bantam U13  (Under 13, Born in 1999 or younger)
  • Major Bantam U14 (Under 14, Born in 1998 or younger)
  • Midget U15 (Under 15, Born in 1997 or younger)
  • Major Midget U16 (Under 16, Born in 1996 or younger)
  • Juvenile  U17 (Under 17, Born in 1995 or younger)
  • Junior U19 (Under 19, Born in 1993 or younger)

U10 Novice - Coaches Manual & Important Information
U11 Atom - Coaches Manual & Important Information
U12 Major Atom - Coaches Manual & Important Information
U13 Bantam - Coaches Manual & Important Information
U14 Major Bantam - Coaches Manual & Important Information
U15 Midget - Coaches Manual & Important Information
U16 Major Midget - Coaches Manual & Important Information
U17 Juvenile - Coaches Manual & Important Information
U19 Junior - Coaches Manual & Important Information


Initial rankings have been posted for the U10 to U19 age groups.  Please use the links below to find the initial rankings. The final rankings have been composted for U10-U12 girls.

Initial Ranking Review Form - Have concerns about the inital rankings? Please complete the ranking review form and send it to Chris Barron ( Your concerns will be reviewed at the final ranking meeting.  


As of October 1, 2010, FIBA has released new rules that are to be implemented for the 2011-2012 season. For the full FIBA rule book please click here.

For the 2011-2012 season federation numbering will be permitted at all Ontario Basketball sanctioned games events. It is recommended that any team intending to acquire new uniforms should only purchase FIBA approved numbering.  FIBA approved numbers are 4-15; should your team have more than 12 players on the roster, the numbers 21-23 are also permissible.

To clarify the issue of undergarments under the playing uniform, clubs should note that t-shirts are permitted to be worn under playing jerseys as long as they match the dominant colour of the jersey. Undergarments that extend below the shorts may be worn as long as they are of the same dominant colour of the shorts. The same rule will apply to body suits with tight fitting long sleeves worn under the playing jersey. 


U10 Novice Girls March 23-25, 2012 Chatham 
U11 Atom Girls March 23-25, 2012  Brantford
U12 Major Atom Girls March 23-25, 2012  Mississauga
U10 Novice Boys March 30-April 1, 2012  London
U11 Atom Boys March 30-April 1, 2012  Burlington
U12 Major Atom Boys March 30-April 1, 2012  Niagara
U13 Bantam Girls April 13-15, 2012  Windsor
U14 Major Bantam Girls April 13-15, 2012  Ottawa
U13 Bantam Boys April 20-22, 2012  Kingston
U14 Major Bantam Boys April 20-22, 2012  Mississauga/Etobicoke
U15 Midget Girls April 27-29, 2012  Sault Ste. Marie
U16 Major Midget Girls April 27-29, 2012  Kitchener/Waterloo
U17 Juvenile Girls May 4-6, 2012  Brantford
U19 Junior Girls May 4-6, 2012 Guelph
U15 Midget Boys May 11-13, 2012  Windsor
U16 Major Midget Boys May 11-13, 2012  Ottawa
U17 Juvenile Boys May 25-27, 2012  Niagara
U19 Junior Boys May 25-27, 2012  Kitchener/Waterloo

Please click here for official IHG host hotel information for each location.


 The 2011 Ontario Cup Provincial Championships had over 1,160 teams along with nearly 15,000 athletes and over 2,500 coaches. The Provincial Championships were comprised of 18 events held in nine communities throughout the province. 

In some categories, the Ontario Cup Provincial Champions have the opportunity to proceed to regional, national and international competitions.  With the ever-growing popularity of basketball in the province, the number of teams participating in the Provincial Championships is increasing greatly every year. 


  1. To provide opportunities for Ontario's youth to participate in organized basketball tournament play.
  2. To provide training and development opportunities for athletes, coaches, officials, administrators and volunteers in order to increase the level of technical support available to local, regional and provincial level athletes.
  3. To partner with agencies involved in the delivery of basketball programs.
  4. To establish, administer and enforce rules and regulations governing the Ontario Provincial Basketball Championships.
  5. To encourage and stimulate positive public awareness of the sport of basketball, the Ontario Provincial Basketball Championships and Ontario Basketball. 
  6. To help promote and develop the sport of basketball in Canada and internationally.
  7. To provide regional and provincial evaluation opportunities for basketball officials.

For more information on the Ontario Cup Provincial Championships, please contact Ontario Basketball.

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